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CODEBOT infuses 21st century skills into the classroom

Infused Curriculum

The CodeBot Program will infuse 21st century skills into the curriculum. Students will learn in a nurturing environment that will encourage them to effectively communicate, collaborate, think critically, and creatively use design thinking to solve problems. Through inquiry based experiences students will use robots and coding to develop persistence by exploring, designing, and creating while ‘trying it out, and making it better”. The infusion of these experiences will inspire students' curiosity and creativity.

Supportive Technology

Supportive technology, educational program sites, engaging robot kits along with applications such as Code.Org, Mod Kit, SCRATCH, MIT App Inventor, and Robot C will help create a setting where students think critically, and discover innovative solutions. Students will work together to develop a resolution to a problem by analyzing, prototyping, and testing their product. They will develop their communication skills as they present and describe their ideas.

Support Specialist

Curriculum Support Specialist (CSS) will work closely with teachers and students to model the design thinking process. introduce applications, and facilitate group dynamics along with consensus building. sustainability will be insured as knowledge is transferred by gradually releasing the responsibility for the CodeBot Program from the CSS to the teacher and from the teacher to the students.


Take a look at some of the exciting work being done

Light & Energy

Third Grade

Obervational Tools

Third Grade

Gravity & Force

Third Grade


Sixth Grade

Laws of the Universe

Sixth Grade

Functions of Living Things

Sixth Grade

Attained Skills

The 4 C's: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity

  • Communication

    Students will communicate their understanding of science concepts as well as the design/thinking process to an audience of their teachers and peers.

  • Collaboration

    Students will brainstorm ideas, try them out, and make them better. Through extensive modeling and collaboration, teachers and students will extend their understanding of the design thinking process.

  • Creativity

    Students will work in an environment that supports learning by doing as they work in teams on open-ended activities that excercise their natural creativity.

  • Critical Thinking

    Students will be able to objectively evaluate solutions to problems in the community in order to make improvements on them.

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Participating pilot schools

CODEBOT is offered in third and sixth grade

Lake Stevens Middle

School Info

Lakeview Elementary

School Info

Van E. Blanton

School Info

Lenora Braynon Smith Elementary

School Info

Lillie C. Evans K-8 Center

School Info

Crestview Elementary

School Info

North County K-8 Center

School Info

Madison Middle

School Info

Georgia Jones-Ayers Middle

School Info

Benjamin Franklin K-8 Center

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